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Chocolate soap cookie dough candle drinking chocolate

Chocolate lover's

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For those who love chocolate, this one's for you! 

Classic Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Triple chocolate cookie doh ~ Blanc de Caramel 42% Caramelised Chocolate ~ Chocolate & Mint soap ~ Turkish Delight Romance Travel Tin Candle

Classic Dark Hot Chocolate (with Sea Salt) from Curvee Chocolate

Rich, creamy and sooo chocolatey… to call this hot chocolate a crowd pleaser would definitely be an understatement! A hint of sea salt makes it just that little bit more indulgent.

Triple chocolate cookie doh from Cookie Doh Co

A chocoholics dream. Starting with a rich cocoa cookie dough base topped off with premium Belgium milk, dark and white chocolate. In our opinion nirvana is one tub closer.

Blanc de Caramel 42% Caramelised Chocolate (with Sea Salt) from Curvee Chocolate 

The tale of chocolate decadence meeting pure Australian milk - caramelised painstakingly by hand, creating a caramel ever so delicate and subtle. Paired with a hint of sea salt and you have the recipe to what we could only describe as effortless. 

Chocolate & Mint soap from Baranany Naturals                                                                  

Turkish Delight Romance Travel Tin from Hayley Marie Australia 

Awaken your deepest, richest desires. Fall in love with the quality of feeling comfortable and loved. Entice your senses with sweet floral rosewater mixed with sugar, malt and a hint of vanilla. Inflame your sensual desires and get lost in romance. 

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