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The Gippy Gift Box are committed to minimising the environmental impact of waste created by our product range. 

We have created this useful list of ideas on how to recycle and reuse materials commonly found in our gift boxes:

Mailing & Gift Boxes

Our mailing and gift boxes are made from recycled cardboard, soy-based ink and compostable stickers.

Before recycling the box and stickers in your designated Council recycling bin, consider whether the box can be reused or repurposed for storage or postage. If you don't have access to a Council recycling service, the boxes and stickers can be composted. 

Packing Tape (in Mailing Box)

Unfortunately this tape can not be recycled. We are continuing to research alternate options that are less harmful to the environment. 

Tissue Paper & Shredded Packing Paper

Carefully unwrap your gift box so that the tissue paper and shredded packing paper can be saved and reused for a future gift. Alternatively, both items can be recycled in your designated Council recycling bin or composted. 

Jars & Tins 

There are hundreds of uses for jars and tins around the house. Alternatively, consider donating them to your local op-shop, on a buy, swap, sell page or even ask if your local kinders or schools need them. If all else fails, jars and tins (including metal lids) can be recycled in your designated Council recycling bin. 

Tea Bags

Tea bags, including tags and string, are compostable.

Soft Plastics

Clean and dry soft plastic material can be recycled at most chain supermarkets. For more information, visit RedCycle.