Our Story

Hi, I'm Beck, and my sister, Sarah, and I are the faces behind The Gippy Gift Box.

We grew up on a farm in West Gippsland. We also have two brothers and have two very hard working parents. Our farm was always busy and there was always someone or something to take care for. Perhaps this is where both of our caregiving natures have come from. 

I moved to Melbourne after high school to pursue a career as an early childhood professional. After many years living in the city I moved back to good old Gippsland a couple of years ago where I share my home with my partner Jake and our three young children. 

Sarah is a Paediatric nurse and she spends her time between working in a busy hospital and the home that she shares with her husband Steve. Both big travellers with nowhere to travel to they are now renovating their own home and are constantly taking on new projects. Let’s just say those two love renovating! 

Sarah and I are both nature lovers and are very environmentally conscious so it was important to us that most of the products in our range are eco-friendly. Even the packaging has been created from recycled materials. We also like to keep the beauty and self care products as non-toxic as we can and you’ll see that most of the products in our boxes are simple, natural, vegan and definitely not tested on animals. 

We have searched high and low for like minded people and businesses so that we are putting out there a product that we are proud of and would use ourselves. We are very committed to supporting small businesses in Australia. Family run and small batch are phrases that excite us and we will always choose to support businesses in Victoria and particularly those in Gippsland over others. We are not completely Gippsland biased but nearly!

So if you're looking to send a gift to a loved one, a friend or even to yourself then go and check out our gift boxes. We’ve done all the work so all you have to do is click a button :) 

Beck x